I graduated Seton Hall University with a Biology major in 1992, then went on to finish New York Chiropractic College.  I worked in two offices after finishing school for experience, one in Ridgefield NJ and the other in Chatham NJ.  When I learned enough to go on my own I opened up my office, Chirorpactic Care of Bedminster, P.C. in November of 2000. I feel  I combined the best characteristics of the two practices I worked at to offer the complete package to my patients; Chiropractic, rehabilitation and nutritional advice to allow my patients to get back to their daily activities as soon as possible.

I have a strong interest in sports and nutrition personally, and incorporate this into my practice with rehabilitation, functional foods and supplements, for various purposes.  I send my patients for hormone testing, nutritional analysis, urinalysis as well as any appropriate referral as patients symptoms present. 

y older daughter has been figure skating since 4 years old and continues to do so at 14 at Protech Ponds in Somerset NJ.  She also is involved in school activites such as softball, exercising at the gym, chorus and drama.  My younger daughter participates in horseback riding,  soccer and I'm teaching her to montain bike as her sports.  I have always enjoyed weight lifting and mountain biking as well as track days with EvolveGT and TPM.  I have joined Team Promotion in helping members nutritionally to keep them going at their best at the race track!  Check out our Bulletin page for more!  Proper hydration, nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise are the key factors.

I practice what I preach as far as maintenance care, nutrition, eating healthy and staying active and wish to get as many people on board as possible. 

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DATE OF ISSUE:           08-07-1998

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