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Health In The Hills is our sports information page. A place for runners, cyclists, school athletes, motorsports enthusiasts, week end warriors

Health In The Hills

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Pack 1145.rar

Intel Chipset Device Software is the new name for the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility; this name will be seen when running the installation package.About this file/download

pack 1145.rar


First we need to extract a crackable hash from the 7z archive. To do so we can use the 7z2john script shipped in john package but it requires Compress::Raw::Lzma Perl module to work. We can install it with CPAN: cpan install Compress::Raw::Lzma.

One of the Linux-based malicious archives we retrieved was this file, named virus_de_prost_ce_esti.rar, which translates from the original Romanian language to what a stupid virus you are. The contents of this archive included 11 ELF binaries, 7 text files (containing long lists of IP addresses), and a Python script that executes them in various sequences. The intent of the package was to disrupt game servers, causing them to lag or crash.

Close task problems in NioOutboundPipeline: There happens a temporary stall since a task is executed on an I/O thread from that same I/O thread and then the I/O thread waits for it. Because the thread will not execute its own task (yet) there is a 3 seconds of stall in the I/O pipeline. This is a problem since it blocks all the traffic for that I/O thread. Also the close task is scheduled as a packet. If the pipeline already is scheduled, scheduling the close task will not get picked up as part of an optimization. #13363 041b061a72


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