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Horses For Sale In California For

State law permits the slaughter of horses for human consumption and for use in pet food. The slaughtering of horses for human consumption must be done in state or federally inspected facilities and must be done separately from other livestock. Currently, there are no facilities in California licensed to slaughter horses for human consumption. Nationwide, there are fewer than ten facilities that slaughter horses to provide horsemeat for human consumption. Anyone sending a horse out of state for slaughter is required to document that the horse is being sent for that purpose. According to the state Department of Food and Agriculture, last year over 3,000 horses were sent from California for slaughter in another state. Currently, businesses are allowed to sell horsemeat for human consumption in California. Data are not available on whether or not this occurs. Proposal This measure prohibits both the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the sale of horsemeat for human consumption in California. In addition, horses could not be sent out of California for slaughter in other states or countries for human consumption. Under the measure horses include any horse, pony, burro, or mule. The measure establishes felony and misdemeanor criminal penalties for violations of these provisions. Fiscal Effect Since this measure creates new crimes, it could result in some increased law enforcement and incarceration costs at both the state and local level. These costs probably would be minor, if any.Return to Initiatives and Propositions

Horses For Sale In California For

JaF Morgan Stock Horses is the fulfillment of a dream for me. When I look out at all the horses, watching them race around and play together, or when I am schooling one of these willing and talented young Morgans, I know the meaning of being truly blessed.

We will continue our training, both with all the young Morgans born here, and for outside horses. There simply is no substitute for the manner in which these horses are taught, and I believe in it with all my heart.

My specialty is raising and selling well-trained Morgans that have impeccable ground manners, are soft in the halter and in the snaffle bit, and are well exposed to an amazing variety of experiences, situations and stimuli. This training style provides horses with a foundation which will prove beneficial throughout their lives, no matter their eventual discipline.

California is home to snowy mountains, rolling hills, lush pastureland, and dense ancient forests. This magical state is the perfect setting for many of the most sought-after horse properties you will ever find. The horse properties for sale in California feature an abundance of natural beauty as well as ample privacy and luxury amenities. Whether you are in the market for a small farm or expansive acreage, our agents can help you find the property that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

These auctions are only online and feature horses that are gold buckle certified. Vet checks, videos and most of all our own Gold Buckle pro using years of experience to give you their unbiased opinion on each horse.

We take all the stress out of putting your sell online. From registration, previewing your catalog, live streaming, audio of auctioneer, to online bidding. Get in touch today and take your sale to the next level of professionalism.

Find quality California horse auctions! Premier horses of all breeds & disciplines are offered by the highest quality consignors in the industry. Buyers get every opportunity to shop the horses thoroughly and to discover their next forever partner. Our process lets you rest easy and find the right horse for you.

BIGEQ is First in Hunter Jumper Sales Online: Short Stirrup to Show Jumpers! So you're looking to buy a quality hunter/jumper show horse? Maybe you want to sell your horse? You've come to the premiere equestrian source for hunter jumper online horse classifieds. Here at BIGEQ you'll find horses for sale focusing on hunter / jumper and equitation horses. From hunter horses for sale to beautiful hunter / jumper horses and ponies - you can buy or sell your horse today. We also offer premiere ad space for professional trainers who sell hunter / jumper horses.

We have dedicated our lives to finding high-quality, sound and gentle horses for the equine enthusiast. Our mission is to match both a quality horse and rider to the best of our abilities and provide clients with a fun and enjoyable horse buying experience.

We love our horses and our job. We care a great deal about our clients and in finding them a great horse. We have been in this business for over 24 years and have developed an outstanding reputation for finding the kind of horses that so many of us are looking for.

We welcome you to come visit us and our horses in Oak view California, or just give us a call to see what we have available and schedule an appointment. Our horses sell fast and not all make it to the website so best to call us and see if we have a match.

We offer horses for sale year-round, and are proud to present a quality selection of quarter horses for your consideration. We aim to find the best match possible for both our horses and our patrons. For this reason, we like to schedule one-on-one appointments for interested buyers.

We are required to charge sales tax (8.350%) on all horses sold. The proceeds from each sale directly support the Quarter Horse Unit, our horses, and our students. We thank you in advance for your support!

This is a 9 year old, 14 hand gelding that is a nice ride in the arena or out on the trail. We have miles of trail rides on Brio and he is not spooky, loves the water crossings, and is a bold leader or follower. Brio has been in a few bigger group rides and does not care where he is in the line up. He will also go out alone and goes anywhere you ask him, good with traffic and all the things that one sees on the trails, flying bags, running horses, loose dogs, etc.

"Babe" was capture as a 2 year old in the Palomino Mountains of Oregon. She was started and used by Tim Delsman. She was ridden and used exclusive by Tim and Carol as their 'go to ' horse. Babe has been worked around cattle and sheep and goats, she is not a spooky horse and has good work ethics. This mare has a nice walk, a smooth trot and knows her leads. I know that she would be a great horse for ACTHA trials or would just love to be used as a trail pleasure mount. Babe is not marish, is not a ear pinner, never grouchy... Works and rides in all weather. I know because I have ridden her in high winds and with rain in our face... She will pony other horses, does not kick...stands tied all day, trailers, is water broke and she is very quiet. Would be great with a timid rider, or anyone else for that matter... Babe will also do rail work, but the trail is really her thing.......

5 years old this year and at 14 hands is the best 'little' trail horse around.... She is ok for just about anyone who knows how to ride. She has the best ground manners and smooth gaits.. Is now learning to neck rein. Ice does great in groups and is very good alone. This is a nice mare...NOT marish and has been well started. Ice has been on the trail in groups up to 80 riders and did wonderful. Would do best with someone who wants to bring along a well-started gaited smooth horse. She will stand tied all day. Has been barefooted most of her life and does great with the shoer or anyone who handles her. Has been in water, did well and on one overnighter, and has lots of trailer trips in smaller groups of 30 or less. Has had several months of pro-training, will side pass, open gates, goes thru ditches and do all the other stuff that a well- started horses should do...

7 y/o...this is a fun guy to ride. He is a husky built at 14.1 hands tall, and a kick to ride. sensitive to your cues, no rear or buck in him...NOT spooky, just fun !! Might scare a new rider at first, because he can be quick to respond to his riders cues. A beginner could learn to ride him with some lessons, because there is no ill temper about this guy..... he gets along well with other horses, is wonderful by himself too. Very well gaited, barefoot, current on all his shots and teeth were floated recently, and he's a ez keeper. Likes to trailer, ties and bathes well.

6 years old. This is a smooth , fun, great gaited horse to ride. Has good ground manners and a natural foxtrot, canter and flat walk. Has been trail ridden all over the place. Goes alone and in groups, he turns heads where ever he goes. Has been pro trained for several months. Stands 14.3 hands. He gets along with people and horses, NOT a crabby gelding. Pockets has a fantastic built also, he has a apple butt, great legs, feet, boned and is truly sure footed. Loves the trail, and will do arena work also. This well-trained horse would be wonderful for a rider looking to do the miles out on the trail and is comfortable in all gaits. Would be perfect for a confident rider looking for a long time companion. He camps too! Has done ACTHA rides and did well. This guy is all good!

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) - Americans don't eat horsemeat, but we do export horses for slaughter. Most end up on dining tables in Europe and China. While California is one of the few states that bans the exports, some activists have said the ban isn't working.

KPIX 5 found no one monitoring horse sales either. The California Department of Agriculture requires auctions to keep records, but the auction houses don't have to report the transactions to the state. And the state admits there's no budget for inspections.

On the night our KPIX 5 crew visited the auction, we noticed one person - who appeared to be an auction employee - buying up most of the horses for sale. The auction's owner turned down a request for an interview, but confirmed the person was his employee, and does buy a lot of horses. He said it's their business what they do with the animals.

The auction employee denied sending any horses to slaughter, but said the horses are sold on the internet. And again, there is no documented evidence of killer buyers buying horses at the auction we attended. 041b061a72


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