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Health In The Hills is our sports information page. A place for runners, cyclists, school athletes, motorsports enthusiasts, week end warriors

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So many teens think it's just a small act that won't get any further than the person they are sending it too. And Social media has become so sexualized this day in age that children younger and younger feel that it is okay to be so pervogative. We need to educate the kids that there are better ways to "fit in" to today's society or how to help them be a better them. New and effective instruction, something to help them understand, because it's not like kids don't know what sexting is and the dangers of it, they just choose to do so anyway. that helps them understand. Possibly, leaders of this program could demonstrate how easy it is for pedophiles to hack into your device and steal your photos and post them to child pornography websites. How the owner of the device will never know it's even being done, but educating the children on how simple gateways such as connecting to wifi in public places are their hunting grounds.

I personally do not deal with that kind of situation. I think it is very immature and scary, honestly. You don't know who can get ahold of the pictures or where they will end up. That being said, I know teenagers who don't care if they are talked to about abstinence and other sex-related topics. Teens will be teens and classes/assemblies won't inspire them enough to change the way they want to do things. High schoolers are stubborn and they aren't going to let educators prevent them from what they want. I wish people were that easy to persuade, but society just isn't at that point yet, sadly.

Actually, I haven't witnessed it but I do know that it goes on also I think schools should offer sexting classes because you can get in a lot of trouble of someone finds them, I believe you can got to jail for child pornography even if your under the age of consent. I would personally say high school students need to be more informative about this situation because the person receiving these picture can do anything with them and that can distroy someone so I would think that a sexting class would make them want to do it less and not regret anything in there high school career.

That is great, because most girls when they send pictures have been pressured by there boyfriends to so. Their is a lot more young people that are doing this and it is a very big issue. Also when a girl sends a picture of her self, a minor, she is distributing child pornography. Now if the guy is dumb enough to share that picture witb his friends he to is distributing child pornography. Middle school students do this all the time and it is a growing fad among young people these day and definitely something that needs to be taught the consequences of. I think it is a great idea because when i was in middle school i made those same mistakes and regreted it so much and i wish i would have been educated about it

i am a parent of teen girls,and two young adults. i think emma k. is correct almost all teens have heard about the dangers and choose to ignore it. a class would be a waste of money. however maybe someone from the police department coming in to do a one time program might be appropriate,especially if they speak about the legal consequences of having pictures of underage individuals on their phones or computers. but s full curriculumn to cover it would fall on deaf ears or peak interest in those teens who havent done it yet.

I think that this is a waste of money. Most all teens know what could happen if they sext and a class is not going to prevent students who would have sent inappropriate pictures before the class from sending inappropriate pictures after the class. Students realize the consequences already.

I believe that this will be a great program because if anyone didn't notice, if any teen 18 or younger could go to jail for sending that to whoever that their sending the pic too. Not only that, but, you could go to jail for the mistake that you made, and you could be labeled as a sex offender. I know this cause I know someone who almost got in trouble for that mistake. Another thing is that, don't believe what some guys might say just to try to get you to do that.

I think that it is completely appropriate. High school students don't understand the severity of their actions and should be informed of the laws involving their actions. Maybe it should be required workshop instead of a full class. Underage setting is the distribution of child pornography and I don't think underage sisters understand that. It is also promoting inappropriate interactions between these sexters and their peers. If a young girl sends a nude photo of herself to her boyfriend believing only he will view it and that boyfriend send that picture to the whole school then it could lead to some traumatic events for that young girl. It could lead to bullying and sexual harassment.

While I personally believe the topic of sexting is vastly inappropriate for a school to be educating their students on there are a few reasons this could be necessary. So many parents in this day and age are trying to be laid back, unintrusive and "cool" and ultimately allow their teenagers to run rampant or get involved with the wrong people. On the other hand there are the parents that don't know how to bring the subject up or how to deal with a situation in which they find out their child was sexting. I was fortunate enough to have a mother who has always been very involved in my life, willing to educate me or answer any questions I have and taught me early on about how my actions can effect me. Despite what the survey says about how many teenagers are sending or receiving sexts or sexually explicit pictures I have reason to believe it is substantially higher based on the people I have known throughout high school and after. A majority of people I have met would not own up to sexting, sending explicit pictures or being sexually active on a survey or to someone who could tell their parents. People throughout highschool and my first year of college would brag about sexting and sending/receiving sexually explicit pictures, especially on snapchat because the picture/conversation "only lasts for 10 seconds". I believe educating teenagers on the fact that nothing put out on the internet ever really goes away, not being pressured into participating, how to protect themselves and even how to handle a situation gone wrong if they do decide to participate in sexting could be helpful because so many people think it's a social norm, it "isn't a big deal" and don't realize the repercussions of their actions. 041b061a72


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