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Nana 2 Live Action Movie Download: How to Watch the Sequel of the Popular Manga Adaptation

Nana 2 Live Action Movie Download: How to Watch the Sequel of the Popular Manga Adaptation

If you are a fan of the manga series Nana by Ai Yazawa, you might be interested in watching the live action movie adaptation of the sequel, Nana 2. The movie was released in 2006 and follows the lives and loves of two young women who share the same name but have very different personalities. Nana Osaki is a punk rock singer who moves to Tokyo to pursue her music career, while Nana Komatsu is a sweet and naive girl who follows her boyfriend to the same city. The movie explores their friendship, their struggles, and their romance with various men.

But how can you watch Nana 2 live action movie online? There are several options available for you to download or stream the movie legally and safely. Here are some of them:

Nana 2 Live Action Movie Download

  • Netflix: Netflix is one of the most popular and reliable streaming platforms that offers a wide range of movies and shows from different genres and countries. You can watch Nana 2 live action movie on Netflix with a subscription fee that varies depending on your plan and region. You can also download the movie to your device for offline viewing.

  • Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime Video is another great option for streaming or downloading Nana 2 live action movie online. You can rent or buy the movie on Amazon Prime Video with a reasonable price. You can also enjoy other benefits of being an Amazon Prime member, such as free shipping, exclusive deals, and access to other Prime services.

  • Vudu: Vudu is a digital video store that allows you to rent or buy movies and shows online. You can watch Nana 2 live action movie on Vudu with a rental fee of $3.99 or a purchase price of $9.99. You can also download the movie to your device for offline viewing.

These are some of the best ways to watch Nana 2 live action movie online. You can choose the one that suits your budget and preference. However, you should avoid illegal or pirated sites that offer free downloads or streams of the movie, as they may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your device or compromise your personal information. You should also respect the rights of the creators and distributors of the movie and support them by paying for their work.

Nana 2 live action movie is a must-watch for fans of the manga series or anyone who enjoys a good drama with romance, music, and friendship. You can download or stream the movie online from any of the platforms mentioned above and enjoy it at your convenience.

If you have not watched the first Nana live action movie, you might want to check it out before watching the sequel. The first movie was released in 2005 and introduced the characters and their backgrounds. It also showed how Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu met on a train to Tokyo and decided to share an apartment together. The first movie was a hit among fans and critics alike, and received several awards and nominations.

The second movie, Nana 2, was directed by Kentaro Otani, who also directed the first movie. The cast of the movie changed slightly, as some of the actors were replaced by new ones. For example, Mika Nakashima reprised her role as Nana Osaki, but Yui Ichikawa replaced Aoi Miyazaki as Nana Komatsu. The movie also featured new characters, such as Takumi Ichinose, played by Tetsuji Tamayama, and Nobuo Terashima, played by Hiroki Narimiya.

The movie follows the events of the manga from volume 6 to volume 12. It shows how Nana Osaki's band, Black Stones, becomes more popular and faces competition from another band, Trapnest, which includes her former lover and Takumi Ichinose. It also shows how Nana Komatsu's relationship with her boyfriend, Shoji Endo, played by Yuta Hiraoka, falls apart and how she gets involved with Takumi Ichinose and Nobuo Terashima. The movie ends with a cliffhanger that leaves the viewers wondering about the fate of the two Nanas and their lovers. 29c81ba772


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