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Health In The Hills is our sports information page. A place for runners, cyclists, school athletes, motorsports enthusiasts, week end warriors

Health In The Hills

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you dont have to be an executive to appreciate this provocative and empowering book. in leadership secrets of attila the hun, youll learn how one of the greatest leaders of all time rose to power by employing a handful of tried and tested leadership principles. the book also includes reflections from the pen of the late attila the hun himself.

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a fascinating and insightful look at the life of abraham lincoln, lincoln provides a fresh and original perspective on the american president, from his early days as a country lawyer to his presidency as the war for the union raged, and the nation tried to heal itself after the murder of an elected president. the book makes a persuasive case for lincoln as a man who put his own ambition aside and served the interests of the people.

in his classic book, the founder, bill gates claimed that the secret of any great company was the product of a single individual. the strategy is simple - the founder will be the company's 'chief executive, chief creative officer and chief technical officer'. with his most recent book, beyond, steve jobs has shown that this is no longer necessarily the case. in this book, charlie leadbetter argues that jobs was not a visionary; he was a brilliant product developer who outwitted and outspent his rivals. leadbetter illustrates the difficulty of setting up a company without a solid product and a clear brand; it is easy to lose the right product, but harder still to regain it. jobs' success was built on his product vision, the simplicity of the products, the marketing of the product and most of all, the ability to continue to innovate and out-innovate his rivals.


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